Mooc2Move: University French

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On the  April 6, 2021
A new everyday-language MOOC for students of French
A new everyday-language MOOC for students of French
It is not easy integrating university life in another country: all the administrative work, addressing teachers and staff, understanding classes... To guide you in your student life, the new Mooc2Move helps you learn how to interpret figures, read and cite bibliographic references, give a presentation and more in French.
This MOOC aims to facilitate your immersion in the French university system and prepare you to study in France. Mooc2move has 6 independent modules, with a plethora of activities and videos featuring students, staff and faculty to explain certain French academic specificities. The activities will help you better understand the content, and compare your experiences with other students.

The assessment relies on two written productions evaluated by other participants in the MOOC: This peer evaluation, combined with the results of four final quizzes, are used to establish a certificate of successful completion. Some of the quizzes can only be taken on a computer (no smartphone or tablet). The course is accessible from level B1 in French.

So if you’re studying or thinking about studying in France, this MOOC will show you how to effectively communicate and understand the courses offered at the university!


Course starts: April 12, 2021
End of registration: May 10, 2021

Published on  April 7, 2021
Updated on April 16, 2021