MINOS-LAB - The miniature of nanoelectronic components

Communication - Embedded systems - Energy - Nanoelectronics - Medical imagery and diagnostics - General public electronics
Removing technological barriers for the miniaturization of nanoelectronic components and promoting the spread of nanoelectronic devices to other spheres of application.
  • Worldwide turnover of microelectronics at about €300 billion per year
  • Firm international consolidation of the microelectronics industry over the last two years
  • Reached the limits of CMOS miniaturization related to the end programmed in Moore’s law
  • High flexibility of research and development teams required to export nanoelectronic know-how into other spheres of use: objects for communication, automobiles, health, biology, photonics


  • Pursue the miniaturization of 22nm, 14nm and 10nm FD-SOI transistors
  • Integrate new materials with high mobility for the latest generation of transistors
  • Develop new embedded memory technologies
  • Develop synergies between upstream academic research and technological research
  • Transfer acquired expertise to microelectronic equipment manufacturers
Updated on  February 19, 2020