The councils

Major decisions and political directions are taken by councils and committees composed of teaching staff, administrative and technical staff, students and external figures.

The Doard of Directors

Determines the university's policy, votes on the budget and approves accounts.

The Academic Council

Consulted on policy directions for training, research, sharing of scientific, technical and industrial knowledge, and scientific and technical documentation, on the qualification of the positions of university lecturers, professors and researchers, on accreditation requests, and on the contract for the establishment. It submits a long-term global strategy for the disability policy. It combines:

The education and student life committee

It is notably consulted on the directions for ongoing and initial education, accreditation requests and plans for new courses, and the assessment of training and education. It prepares the measures concerning: training regulations, the orientation, monitoring and professional integration of students, the cultural, sporting, social and associative activities available to students, and the improvement of their living and working conditions.

The research committee

Distributes the research resources budget, sets out the operating rules for laboratories, and is consulted on agreements with research bodies. The research committee adopts the measures designed to enable students and staff to develop activities for the sharing of scientific, technical and industrial knowledge.
Updated onFebruary 18, 2020