Promising: the collective intelligence of innovation

Promising is a higher education program designed to build a nationally and internationally recognized skill center for teaching innovation and creativity in the humanities and social sciences.


  • Propose a creative program teaching innovation in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Take the human and social issues of any innovation program into account.
  • Develop inventive training in creativity and innovation, linking and decompartmentalizing the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.
  • Support educational changes.
  • Develop training in innovation and entrepreneurship for third-year Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students.
  • Position the university as a leading actor in the topic of innovation and emphasize the major role of the human and social dimensions of innovation, which are often forgotten in favor of technology.

Innovative and creative training

Lab of possibilities

Multidisciplinary design and social science workshop to provide creative solutions to societal problems.

Creativity school

Intensive four-day in-residence training bringing together teachers, companies, communities and PhD students.

Member of the HEC Montréal (Mosaic) international network of creativity schools.

MOOC innovation and society

Multidisciplinary MOOC for understanding the human and social dimensions of innovation. In partnership with: Cnam, HEC Montréal, Shamengo social entrepreneurship network.

Training of teachers in creativity

Training available for educators to refresh their teaching with creative approaches.

Updated on February 19, 2020