Innovalangues: innovation in language learning

Improving language learning through innovative practices and methodologies.


  • Raise foreign language proficiency to a certified B-2 level among members of the higher education community.
  • Establish digital tools that respond to shortcomings in terms of procedures, content, and technological and educational tools.
  • Propose a diverse and highly flexible array of training models.
  • Widely disseminate our training solutions regionally, nationally and beyond.

Educational approach

  • Fast and calibrated diagnostic positioning.
  • Personalized and autonomous training courses, with the option of tutored learning, distance-learning and blended-learning, with rich linguistic and methodological resources.
  • Original educational approach, by type of text and kind of discourse, and interlinguistic consistency within the multilingual training offer. Editor of “language”-oriented activities.
  • Tools to enhance understanding and oral production, phonological or prosodic awareness and lexical acquisitions.
  • Recreational and theatrical approaches.
  • Dissemination beyond Grenoble of the local research-action through consultancy and training of trainers in language teaching and in education engineering.
Updated on February 19, 2020