Flagship projects

The world-class research programs at Université Grenoble Alpes boost hundreds of selected projects for more than a billion Euros in direct funding, making Grenoble one of the most-funded locations in the nation.

Cross disciplinary program (CDP) projects

Inter- and multidisciplinarity are ways to address scientific and socio-economic challenges at the interface of disciplinary fields, challenging them to go beyond their current frontiers. One of the university's two focuses consists of connecting disciplinary fields to support the progress of science, knowledge and innovation.


Laboratories of excellence (LABEX)

With 77 selected projects, Grenoble is the second-most funded location (after Paris) of the first round of the Investment for the Future (IDEX) program.

Excellence initiatives in innovative education (IDEFI) and technological research institute (IRT)

A path of excellence and innovation to push the boundaries of learning.


The initiative of excellence project (IDEX)

Thanks to the strong ties between universities, schools, national research organizations and socio-economic actors, UGA was awarded the IDEX label, restricted to a dozen universities in France.

The European Seal of Approval "HR Excellence in Research" (HRS4R)

The HRS4R aims to improve the recruitment practices of research organizations and institutions in terms of the working environment of researchers.
Published on  January 22, 2020
Updated onJune 30, 2020