Université Grenoble Alpes has three main objectives:

  • To be an international university, attractive and present on the global stage, rooted in its territory and a driving force for economic, social and cultural development.
  • To respond to major transformations in society by offering rich and diverse education, by carrying out research that pushes the limits of knowledge, and by the dissemination of knowledge and the development of critical thinking, making it possible to act as informed stakeholders at the forefront of social transformation.
  • To bring all of the strengths of higher education and research to the Grenoble Alpes campus, all while respecting diversity and differences in order to respond effectively to these challenges in a context of ever-increasing international competition.

The mission and vision of UGA were elaborated in both a close and long-term perspective, with the following objectives in particular:

  • To push back the boundaries of knowledge. Research is essential for building a progressive society and overcoming the challenges of the future: digital transition, ecological transition and sustainable development, global and integrative health, the fight against poverty and reducing inequality, etc.
  • To equip and train informed citizens and socially responsible leaders. UGA fulfills the fundamental role of training and education. It fosters the transmission of knowledge, skills, critical thinking, civil service and civic engagement. It also promotes a research culture, which contributes to the training of informed citizens who are independent and capable of reasonable and reasoned risk assessment.
  • To become a university that is both fully international and firmly rooted in its territory. UGA fulfills the training needs of its territory, its region and its country. It also forms training and research partnerships with the rest of Europe and around world to accelerate the development of knowledge and its dissemination. It participates in expanding France's influence and in building the European Higher Education and Research Area. The university works along with the economic stakeholders of the territory and local and regional institutional stakeholders towards economic development, the creation of employment opportunities and the building up of human and cultural wealth.
  • A university that values talent and promotes access to knowledge and employment. The wealth of UGA resides first and foremost in its students and staff. Maximizing the value of this rich human landscape is a priority for the university. To this end, it seeks to create the most favorable environment to promote and accentuate each person's skills and abilities. This approach is a point of attractiveness for students and staff alike, and stimulates a sense of belonging throughout the university. Access to knowledge is an essential democratic value and the university contributes to it as a matter of priority. It also provides support to its students in their career goals.

This vision is based on the following core values and commitments:

  • Openness and diversity: UGA's goal is to be an outstanding multidisciplinary university, rich in diversity, anchored in its territory, inclusive and the bearer of the values of democracy, freedom of thought and creation, a defender of fundamental values and basic human rights. It fulfills its strong ambitions for the well-being and social advancement of its students and staff by paying careful attention to their quality of life and health and by protecting staff from difficult working conditions. It must set an example, and by innovating in the fields of equal representation, gender equality and the fight against harassment, sexism and all forms of discrimination. It has a strategy for accommodating disability and risk prevention.
  • Social and environmental responsibility: UGA has an ambitious policy for sustainable development and the sustainable management of natural resources. It is inclusive and applies itself to the integration and success of as many people as possible. It fights against academic failure and dropping out, especially in undergraduate studies. Its primary objective is to provide young people with an education that will give them the best opportunities for professional and social integration.
  • Innovation and drive: fueled by social issues, by the dynamism of its staff, and by its various collaborations, UGA's goal is also to constantly innovate in its education and research practices, to transfer knowledge, and to be quick and efficient in its organization.
Published on  January 21, 2020
Updated onFebruary 18, 2020