All year round, a network of university libraries of the INP Grenoble and UGA inter-establishment documentation service (SID) offers to support you in your studies and research by sharing its extensive catalogue of documentary resources.

In paper, digital or electronic journal format, the network of libraries covers the full spectrum of subjects taught at the Université Grenoble Alpes.
Find out what you can access and what services are available in all of the libraries.

On the Grenoble campus: a network of 4 university libraries (ULs)

Law and Literature ULScience UL

Medicine & Pharmacy UL

Teaching & Education UL

In Valence

Libraries for Literature & Languages, Law, University Institute of Technology (IUT), etc.

Education/Teaching Profession UL

In Chambéry and Bonneville

Education/Teaching Profession UL

In your ULs you'll find:

Study and relaxation areas

  • Group study rooms and research group rooms that can be booked at the libraries

Bibliographic guidance

Training courses 

  • from a tour of the ULs to doctoral modules, encompassing programmes at Bachelor, Master and PhD level along the way.

Services include

  • printing, photocopying and scanning
  • public computers available
  • Wi-Fi access

Cultural & scientific events: