Eating a balanced diet during your studies is vital!
Dotted across the different Grenoble and Drôme-Ardèche campuses, the university restaurants and cafeterias managed by the CROUS Grenoble Alpes serve proper, varied meals to suit all budgets.

How can you access the university restaurants?

Université Grenoble Alpes students need to get an IZLY card for showing if they want to eat at any of the university restaurants.
This card is free for students and can be obtained from the university restaurant counters simply by showing a valid student card or academic certificate together with a form of ID.

To get the lowdown on the IZLY card, check out the CROUS Grenoble Alpes website

Where are the university restaurants and cafeterias located?

Knowing what refreshment facilities are available near your lecture locations would be really useful, wouldn't it??

What can you eat at CROUS?

Hmm, what shall I eat for lunch today? What am I going to be served?
The answers to these existential lunch break questions are a mere click away.