It goes without saying that the mountains and great outdoors are bound to play a part in the life of any student enrolling at Grenoble, but culture is no less absent for all that. On campus in particular, there is a wealth of inspiring cultural activities thanks to a great many committed and creative stakeholders. The myriad cultural facilities on-site thrum with initiatives and events all year round, leaving students spoilt for choice!

The UGA, your cultural stakeholder

Got a cultural activity idea or keen on getting involved in one? The Culture & Scientific and Technical Culture Department can help and advise you.
It provides university culture project promoters with the human, financial and technical resources they need to create and rehearse in the Université Grenoble Alpes’ top performing arts venue: l'Amphidice.

For more information, get in touch with the Culture & Scientific and Technical Culture Department:

Guidance with cultural ideas on campus can also be found at

Cultural hot spots

Do you have an idea and need help getting it off the ground?
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All year round and by request, the cultural venues on campus are available for creating, rehearsing and performing student artistic and cultural projects and club/society events.
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