Student exchange

Do you want to study abroad at Université Grenoble Alpes as part of a student exchange program? You will find below information on the application process and the steps to prepare for your stay in Grenoble.

Before applying

Contact your international relations service to make sure that UGA has a valid partnership with your home university, and to learn more about the application process.

Choose your host faculty

For your exchange program at UGA, you must select the majority of your courses from one division (faculty, school, institute, department). This will be your host faculty.

Chemistry and biology department
Computer science, mathematics and applied mathematics department of Grenoble (IM2AG)
Department for the Bachelor's Degree in Sciences and Technologies (DLST)
Drôme-Ardèche Sciences Department (DSDA)
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Foreign languages department (LE)
Grenoble Academic Institute of Technology 1 (IUT1)
Grenoble academic institute of technology 2 (IUT2)

Grenoble INP - Ense3
Grenoble INP - Ensimag
Grenoble INP - Esisar
Grenoble INP - Génie industriel

Grenoble INP - Grenoble IAE
Grenoble INP - Pagora
Grenoble INP - Phelma

Grenoble INP - Polytech
Grenoble Faculty of Economics
Grenoble Faculty of Law

Grenoble School of Architecture (ENSAG)
Humanities and social sciences department (SHS)
Humanities department (ARSH)
Institut d'urbanisme et de géographie alpine (IUGA)
Languages, literature, performing arts, information and communication department (LLASIC)
Physical and sports activities department (STAPS)
Physics, engineering, earth and environmental sciences and mechanics department (PHITEM)
School of Teaching and Education (INSPE)

Sciences Po Grenoble
Valence academic institute of technology (IUT Valence)