The university publishing structures of the Grenoble Alpes and Savoie sites have forged closer working ties with a view to developing a consistent and ambitious editorial policy through the pooling of ideas and potential.

They are working on becoming a single structure at the heart of the campus that can tackle the challenges and changes affecting university publishing head-on.

UGA Editions

This structure will develop a multidisciplinary catalogue listing publications bearing on research, pedagogy and scientific mediation. It brings together the two main publishing structures of the Université Grenoble Alpes.


The Éditions littéraires et linguistiques de l’université de Grenoble (ELLUG) is a publishing house which specialises in the literature and humanities fields.
Situated on campus, it is committed to helping disseminate research and knowledge, as attested by a catalogue of more than 200 publications and 15 journals – including ten current.
Its publications are available to all spheres of society who are interested in gaining an insight into the contribution that languages, literature, ancient, modern and contemporary cultures make to the major ongoing debates.

The accreditation centre Grenoble Sciences

Grenoble Sciences is a public consulting facility for scientists. It provides authors with expert guidance for their projects from their creation right through to the validation of the dummy and content. It then optimises the technical production of the publication by entrusting this to the best stakeholder in charge of publishing, promoting and marketing.

The partner publishing structures

Presses Universitaire Grenobloise (PUG)

Founded in 1972 by academics, the PUG is an independent publishing facility based in Fontaine (Isère) which to date has a catalogue of more than 2,000 humanities and social science titles (on such subjects as law, economics, management, history, psychology, sociology and politics). It helps to promote the French language around the world thanks to their French as a foreign language catalogue. The PUG also publishes five specialist journals in communication, finance, history, social psychology and geriatrics-palliative care.

Les éditions de l'Université Savoie Mont Blanc

The Languages, Literatures, Societies and Cross-border and International Research Unit (LLSETI - EA 3706) at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc has a dedicated publishing department with a catalogue of over 90 titles across the different specialities covered by the laboratory: French, comparative and foreign literature, linguistics, foreign civilisations and languages, sociology and philosophy.