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ANR - 2017 generic call for proposals
September 5, 2016 - April 3, 2017
The ANR is launching its generic call for proposals for the fourth year running.
This is the main call for proposals for the 2017 budget year. It is open to all science disciplines and all types of research, from the most basic projects to applied research, conducted through partnerships with companies – particularly SMEs and micro-businesses.

The scientific and thematic fields covered by this call are described in detail in the ANR's 2017 action plan.

What's new in 2017

The 2017 Action Plan comprises the following new features:
- creation of a new instrument dedicated to preparing European Research Council (ERC) grant applications:
A new programme called Tremplin-ERC (T-ERC) has been created. This is aimed at helping young French or foreign researchers affiliated to a French public research organisation to submit a new application for an ERC "Starting grant" or "Consolidator grant", with the best chances of success.
- extension of the Young male/female researchers (JCJC) instrument:
The JCJC instrument enables project developers to work independently on a specific topic. It encourages accountability and scientific innovativeness. Under the 2017 action plan, this funding instrument is now open to non-statutory applicants and, as such, the "High-Level Researcher Hosting" (ACHN) programme is no longer being run to ensure greater consistency between the different instruments. The aim of the ACHN programme is now met in part by the new JCJC conditions and the creation of T-ERC.
- creation of the Consolidator LABCOM:
In 2017, the LabCom programme will entail an additional stage offering a so-called consolidator grant. This consolidation stage is specifically designed for laboratories which have already been awarded LabCom status whose financial returns from joint research utilisation will allow for their financial independence in the very near future: just not right now.
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Closing dates for applications

Closing date for pre-applications: Thursday 27 October 2016, 1pm
Closing date for applications: Monday 3 April 2017, 1pm

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Published on December 8, 2016
Updated on December 8, 2016