Requesting exoneration from additional registration fees (students from outside Europe)

Université Grenoble Alpes has pledged to provide education to all international students in all academic years without any additional costs.

How do I benefit from this exoneration?

Following a decision of the Board of Directors, Université Grenoble Alpes has decided that extra-communitary students subject to the payment of differentiated fees can, upon request, benefit from exoneration from additional registration fees.

If you plan on applying for a course using the e-candidat application

You will find an exoneration request form amongst the documents you need to fill in. Simply attach it to your online application.

If you have already applied using the e-candidat application without sending this form, or using the "études en France" procedure as part of Campus France or a preliminary admissions application (DAP)

If you are admitted, the admissions department of your establishment will send you an exoneration request form to be filled in before registration.
Published on  February 7, 2020
Updated onFebruary 7, 2020