Presentation - Mountains in a changing world

From 21 June to 3 July 2021, experts from an array of disciplines will offer a rich, interdisciplinary view of Alpine people, environments and challenges in this short program taught in the heart of the Alps.

Mostly organized in a mountain environment, the course takes you beyond the classroom and into the mountains in a series of field trips and case studies.

Participants will discover and experience from the neighbouring mountain ranges:

  • Key notions on climate change and current challenges in mountainous environments
  • Do a geological transect
  • Risk management : landslides, avalanches...
  • The richness of the Lautaret Alpine Botanical garden
  • Impacts of Climate change on fauna and flora
  • And more: sleep in a mountain shelter, hike to the Chenaillet Ophiolites, debate with active scientists on subject that are at the core of our modern societies

During your free time, enjoy the French art de vivre : good food, good friends, good times ! And if you are interested in outdoor sports, culture and history, be sure that the Alps offer their lot of charming spots and culturally rich towns and villages.

Applications are set to 28 March 2021.
Published on  February 26, 2020
Updated onSeptember 28, 2020