Project NETRAW brings change to rural women
This collaborative project brings together rural women in three European countries to enable these communities to interact and reach their goals. The Network for Rural Active Women (NETRAW) is based on a participatory approach and multi-stakeholder involvement.
Since first attaining funding in 2017, the NETRAW project has been facilitating international exchanges to bring together communities that have much in common despite their geographical diversity. Women from Catalonia (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), and Ardèche (France) form the backbone of this partnership, which brings together UGA researchers and local women's entrepreneurial organizations.

Constructing New International Ties

These diverse women were able to meet four times over the course of 2017-2018. The first meeting took place in Olot, capital city of the Catalonian province of Girona, known for its natural landscape and rich cultural history. Olot is also the home of local partner Resilience Earth, dedicated to social, ecological and economic transformation.

Additional meetings in Greece and Ardèche, France, have maintained transnational relationships and enabled further action. Local partners include the Ergani Center – a network of voluntary organizations in Thessaloniki – and Grains d'ici – a French women's cooperative.

Collaboration and Training

In addition to its international meetings, the NETRAW project has been making the most of its European funding to build new training programs and create multi-media communications materials.

For example, a training session in October 2018 (Olot) and in July 2019 (Ardèche, Cermosem) taught its 35 participants innovative tools for change management, focusing on nonviolent and collaborative action.

Future Plans

The collective plans to continue building the network at two upcoming meetings in Greece and Olot. Results will also be shared with the larger public via an event in July 2020 in Ardèche and through shared documentation.

Free access to the project's productions throughout Europe will also be assured via a MOOC.
Published on November 14, 2019
Updated on November 14, 2019