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Europe finances UGA international projects
December 18, 2017 - February 28, 2018
The UGA is delighted to report a wide variety of successful projects undertaken with our international partners in 2017. Many of these have been funded by the European Union as part of its regular calls for applications. We are proud to contribute to the global community of knowledge and higher education.
The international Projects and Partnerships team provides information and assistance to UGA staff wishing to apply for funding or create a new international project. In 2017, the university's academic departments have submitted 14 applications to calls that are part of the European Eramus+ program (E+), and six of these have be granted funding. Congratulations to the successful project teams, and a warm thanks to all the UGA staff for their creativity and dedication in creating new projects and initiatives!

International Mobility

  • Joint Master's Degree Erasmus Mundus "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology": this project brings together 6 universities -- including the UGA's PHITEM department -- with expertise in nanosciences and nanotechnologies, and was funded as part of the E+ Key Action 1 in the amount of € 4 286 000. 

Cooperation Projets and Strategic Partnerships

The UGA submitted three successful projects as part of the E+ Key Action 2:
  • European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education (EUCRITE): this project is led by the COMUE UGA, and project participants include the UGA's department of external affairs and our sister school Grenoble  INP (engineering). In toal, 6 international partners created the project, which received €318 000 in European funding. 
  • Network for Rural Active Women project (NETRAW): 4 international partners, including the UGA's  IUT2 and Geography departments, and two of its research centers, PACTE and the Institute of Alpine Geography, received €288 000.
  • Territoire apprenant, des protocoles innovants au service des apprentissages (TERAPI): this project involves 9 institutions, including the UGA's Institute of Alpine Geography, and has been funding in the amount of €319 000.

Jean Monnet Chairs

  • Interdisciplinary Chair in Freedom, Security, and Justice in the European Union: led by the UGA's Law department, this project received €50 000 in European funding. 

Political Reform Projects

  • Evidence-validated on line learning through virtual exchange (EVOLVE): UGA research centers LIDILEM and SAPIENS have partners with 9 other institutions to acquire the €618 000 in European funding through E+ Key Action 3
Published on March 2, 2018
Updated on July 23, 2019