Biophysicist Sigrid Milles Wins 5 Year Grant
Institute of Structural Biology (IBS) researcher Sigrid Milles has won € 1.599 milion in European funding for her work on intrinsically disordered proteins.
The "MultiMotif" project focuses on clathrin-mediated endocytosis: the process by which a cell transports molecules, such as nutrients or signaling molecules, across its membrane and into its interior.

Some of the proteins which regulate this process are intrinsically disordered, or have intrinscially disordered regions. This means that they lack a stable three-dimensional structure. The MultiMotif project will study the complex ways in which these intrinsically disordered proteins interact with other proteins from the endocytosis machinery, shedding light on a number of important, but poorly-understood, biological processes. 

After completing her doctoral training in single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, Milles came to Grenoble to enhance her training with a post-doctoral fellowship in nuclear magnetic resonance at the IBS. She will use her skills in both techniques to understand the the interaction network within endocytosis. Her previous work on intrinsically disordered proteins has advanced our understanding of transport between the cytoplasm and the nucleoplasm through the nuclear pore complex as well as the measles virus replication machinery and may have implications for treatment. 
Published on September 18, 2018
Updated on October 2, 2018