UGA University Health Centre ready to face the COVID-19 pandemic

On the  April 16, 2020
University Health Center Michel Zorman
University Health Center Michel Zorman
To cope with the pandemic, the Grenoble University Health Center has organized itself urgently in order to be able to continue to provide the best service to its users, students and staff, while opening up to other patients in the area by being listed as a COVID-19 Center.

Since 17 March, on the university campus of Saint-Martin d'Hères/Gières, the Grenoble University Health Center has been one of the few buildings still in operation. From 8 am to 5 pm, it provides its students and staff with health care services by offering telephone consultations and on-site consultations whenever necessary. Linked to the national 15 service since the beginning of the pandemic, the university's health center is also listed by the Regional Health Agency COVID-19 Center, which means that it can accommodate external audiences if they present symptoms attributable to the Coronavirus.

To deal with this unprecedented health situation, a small team of 7 doctors, 7 nurses, 1 administrative staff and the director is on the job. The psychologists offer their consultations by telephone. Thanks to this on-call service, last week the University Health Center was able to provide 90 telephone medical consultations, 20 face-to-face consultations, 45 psychological consultations and 20 telephone relaxation and psychological support consultations.

The Occupational Medicine team continues to work from home. Calls from university staff are handled and referred to 2 doctors and 2 nurses who offer telephone consultations.

"It is a very cumbersome organization, taking into account the rules of isolation and hygiene for patients and staff, which had to be put in place in record time, against the backdrop of the fear of this disease, a fear that affects everyone, even the caregivers," explains the director of the health center, Dr. Nicolas Manzini.

In order function efficiently, in addition to the courage and dedication of the nursing staff, it was necessary to gather the equipment essential to ensure their safety and that of the patients: surgical masks, lab coats, shoes, charlots, hydroalcoholic gel, were provided by the laboratories of the UGA and the CHU Grenoble Alpes.

Although today the university health center is not overwhelmed with calls or consultations, it provides its users, and in particular the 2,100 students who have remained confined to the CROUS university residences, with indispensable support during this very difficult period. It will also be able to work more widely with the population as a COVID-19 centre in the event of a worsening of the epidemic in our territory.

Published on  April 16, 2020
Updated on April 16, 2020