Electrical load shedding operations: how UGA will adapt its activities

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On the  December 20, 2022
Crédits : Shutterstock
Crédits : Shutterstock
In order to cope with the current energy crisis, “electricity load shedding operations”, or power cuts, are expected to take place in France during the 2023 winter. These electricity cuts could affect Université Grenoble Alpes’ operations in the upcoming weeks. On this page you will find information about the power cuts, the measures UGA will take in case of, and all updates on the situation.

What is "electrical load shedding"?

A load shedding is a scheduled, localized and temporary power cut. These power cuts occur during peak consumption periods, and may take place in two-hours slots, on weekdays between 8am and 1pm or between 6pm and 8pm.

UGA’s energy supplier will communicate details specifying the location/campus affected and the time slot of the power cut the day before, at around 5 pm.

It is important to note that power shedding is a last resort in case of peak consumption. Alerts will be issued in the event of excessively high electricity consumption (red on the ecowatt scale, see below) and to prevent potential power cuts if consumption does not decrease. These alerts will be issued 3 days before any load shedding.

Impact on Université Grenoble Alpes

From January 1st, every day at the end of the day, the electricity supplier informs UGA of any load shedding that may occur the next day. UGA is ready to adapt its operations to these potential power cuts:

If a location is subject to a power cut, it will automatically be closed to all (students and staff).
  • In the event of a power cut between 8am and 1pm: the buildings/campus concerned will be closed for the whole day
  • In the event of a power cut between 6pm and 8pm: the buildings/campus concerned will be closed from 4pm onwards.
Once the load shedding has been completed and all the systems allowing the public to be received have been checked, the location will be reopened the following morning.

For students

Classes and exams that were scheduled on a closed site will be postponed to a later date. The different divisions and departments will provide the students concerned with practical information on any postponements.

For staff

Only staff required onsite for the continuity of activities will be able to access the buildings affected by the power cut. The rest of the staff will be automatically placed on remote work.

Staying up to date

From January onwards, Université Grenoble Alpes will keep you updated on this page about red ecowatt alerts and possible load shedding leading to the closure of buildings. Information will also be communicated by email to students and staff as well as via our social network accounts. A message announcing the reopening or the extension of the closure will be systematically sent out.

Consult these outlets daily before going to your place of work or study.

Current alerts

Current alerts
Date Affected campus/buildings and instructions to follow
- No alerts
Published on  January 3, 2023
Updated on  January 10, 2023