Meet'N'Go program of the IntEGre association

Encounter/Debate International
October 20, 2021 - October 21, 2021Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire
The program connects a local student who would like to participate in an international mobility program with a student who has already studied abroad or an international student.
What is the goal of this event? To share tips to a successful mobility: administrative procedures, daily life, culture, university … all questions will be answered!

There are two ways to participate:

Are you thinking of studying abroad?

Are you curious to know what other people have experienced during their mobility?
This is your chance to chat with international students, or local students returning from an exchange! If you pursue your mobility project afterwards, you can be helped by one of the students to prepare your departure.

Are you returning from an international mobility and do you enjoy talking about your experience?
Are you an international student and would you like to share your culture and some good advice about your country?

If so, we invite you to take part in the Meet'N'Go program of the IntEGre association!
You will be introduced to prospective exchange students who have questions about their future destination. Thanks to your experience and culture, you can inspire students to go abroad, suggest others destinations they might not even have considered before, or make it clearer for the ones who already had a defined project.

If you are interested please fill the following registration form:

In order to better support these students, the association offers the opportunity to mentor one or several students during the second semester to guide them before their departure. Contact the IntEGre association for more information.
Published on  October 11, 2021
Updated on October 11, 2021