UGA Foundation Launches the E-Health Chair in Integrated Care for Chronic Diseases and Sleep
As part of its ongoing support for interdisciplinary research that responds to today's societal challenges, the UGA Foundation has created the E-Health Chair in Integrated Care for Chronic Diseases and Sleep.
This research will mobilize advanced techniques in data management, medicine and lifestyle to improve care for patients with multiple health problems.

Solving the Problems of Chronic Disease

More and more patients are suffering from co-morbidities: multiple health problems, often chronic, which appear together.

Sleep apnea is a good example. Patients suffering from this chronic sleep disorder often also experience metabolic dysfunction and cardio-vascular problems. Their health is affected not only by each of the diseases, but also by the interactions between them. The causes of these complicated diseases often require further study, and economic and environmental factors can be underestimated.

New advances in data science can help to identify risk factors for these conditions, and help with diagnoses and prevention. "Big data" analyses of information from clinical trials and cohort studies can also help to improve access and build more personalized care for current patients.

The Chair will be occupied by Professor Jean-Louis Pépin, a world leader in the study of sleep apnea and its co-morbidities. He will work with experts in fields ranging from medicine to data analysis to political science.

The UGA Foundation's Mission and Activities

The UGA Foundation works with funders and local authorities to support cutting edge research and teaching. Funding interdisciplinary research such as the E-Health project is one of its principal activities. The Foundation also supports the preservation of history and heritage, pedagogical innovation, and provides fellowships for students.

Research funding focuses on climate change and sustainable development, health, well-being and technology, innovation, and digital technology in the service of humanity.

The E-Health initiative is funded in part by ResMed -- a developer of products for the treatment of sleep apnea -- and by the MGEN -- a health insurance provider.
Published on February 27, 2019
Updated on March 6, 2019