Your home university has approved your study abroad or exchange application at the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Before your arrival in Grenoble, you will need to manage your application to the UGA as well as your housing and visa application. You will find information about these steps below.

Application and Registration

In order to participate in an exchange, you must first be selected by your home university. Once you are selected at home, the UGA will send you a link to an online application for study in Grenoble. Accepted students are then informed by UGA staff of their admission. 

Your final registration -- both at the university and for classes -- will take place once you have arrived in Grenoble. During the orientation period, you will also receive your student ID card, and your password for campus wifi, online student resources, etc. 

Don't forget to bring all the necessary registration documents with you. 

Please note:
  • Exchange students pay tuition at their home university. 
  • Exchange students are not entitled to a UGA degree or diploma at the end of their stay. However, a final transcript or your coursework at the UGA, including the number of ECTS credits, will be sent to your home institution. 

Orientation and welcome activities

An orientation session is organized for you at the beginning of the first semster of your exchange. It is strongly recommended that you participate in this session, which provides detailed information about your stay in Grenoble. 

In addition, multiple orientation activities are organized to facilitate your transition to France and the UGA. It is to your advantage to plan your arrival in Grenoble so that you can participate in these activities. 


Students admitted to the UGA should begin the visa application process as soon as possible. You will need the admission letter sent to you by UGA staff in order to obtain your visa. 


Admitted exchange students who meet the application deadline are guaranteed a place in univeristy housing. International relations staff will ensure that you receive an email with information and password for your online housing application. It is not necessary to contact the housing office directly in order to make an application for student housing.

Exchange student housing application deadlines:
  • in June for students on first semester and full-year exchanges
  • in November for students on second semester exchanges
Once your online housing resquest is complete and received, you will be sent an attestation de logement, which you may need for your visa application. Final housing decisions are generally made the month before your arrival in Grenoble.

Students making late housing requests may be assigned a room if places are still available.
Updated on December 19, 2017