Master's level  programs

Master of Science in Informatics (MOSIG) (M1+M2) with a choice of second year specialities:
  • Advanced Information Systems and Software Engineering (AISSE)
  • Artifical Intelligence and the Web (AIW)
  • Graphics, Vision, Robotics (GVR)
  • Parallel, Distributed and Embedded Systems (PDES)
  • High-confidence Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems (HECS)
  • Ubiquitous and Interactive Systems (UIS)
  • Data Science (DS)
Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (M1+M2) with a choice of second year specialities :
  • Modeling and Scientific Computing (MSC)
  • Geometry, Image and CAD (GICAD)
  • Statistics (STAT)
  • Data Science (DS)
Cybersecurity (M2)
Signal and Image Processing (M2)
Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimization (M2)
Bio-Health Computing (M2)
Fundamental Mathematics* (M1+M2)

Undergraduate programs

Wireless Networks and Security

*Note: this program is taught partly in French.