As part of its commitment to internationalization and access to education, the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is constantly developing its offerings in English. This page provides some general information about the organization of studies in France. You can also find specific information about programs in English.

Programs by discipline

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Degrees and programs

The bulk of our English language offerings are at the master's level, though you will find some undergraduate course offerings in English as well. Undergraduate (licence) programs typically take three years, and may be either a diplôme de l'état or a diplôme universitaire (DU or certificate program).

Master's programs take two years, though it is possible to enroll in and complete either the first year (M1) or the second year (M2) separately, depending on your qualifications and educational needs. Typically, M1 programs are open admission and M2 programs selective, though this may vary by discipline and program, so you should contact the program that interest you directly for details. Tuition costs and admissions deadlines and procedures also vary by program.

Study in English

Some programs are taught entirely in English, and some are a mix. In the latter case, you may be able to organize a complete courseload in English through careful course selection, or you may have a choice between the French and English versions of a program.

Many degrees have different tracks (parcours) geared toward different specialties, interests and career goals. In some cases, the common core (tronc commun) may be offered in French, with one or more tracks in English, or the entire program may be available in English for some tracks but not others.

In all cases, we strongly recommend taking available French as a foreign language courses along with other coursework while studying at the UGA.