There are two main types of accommodation proposed to international students: public university residences or in the private rental sector.

Are you coming as an international exchange students?

The International Students & Scholars Office – ISSO - centralizes all the application forms and acts as an intermediary between the student, CROUS or private residences.

You will be automatically provided with a link for your online application.

You won’t be asked for a French guarantor. Upon receipt of your application a certificate of accommodation will be sent to you.

Exchange students who complete the housing application process by the deadlines indicated below are guaranteed a proposition of accommodation.

Note: if you are be housed in a residence CROUS, the arrival to the residence must be scheduled until the 8th day of the month.

  Mobility during the 1st semester and the full year Mobility during the 2nd semester
Email of the process to apply for housing Mid-May to the end of June November
Deadlines for the housing application July 1 November 15
Housing assignments End of July About a month before your arrival date


Are you coming as an International Degree-Seeking Students?

If you do not participate in an exchange program, you can apply for public residence housing or look for accommodation in the private rental sector.

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Are you a Campus France scholarship holder?

Contact directly your local Campus France office, which will examine your application in connection with the CROUS accommodation department.