As a public university, the UGA works to serve the needs of a diverse array of learners. In addition to its traditional degree programs, we work with local and international partners to provide access to UGA expertise via short and tailored programs.

Current Summer and Short Programs

Mountains on the Move
June 17-28, 2019

This program offers a rich, interdisciplinary view of Alpine history, culture, and environment, taught in the heart of the Alps.
Application deadline is April 15, 2019.

Certificate in International Tourism Management
This one-semester certificate program, which offers hands-on training in tourism, marketing, and hospitality, is offered at the UGA's beautiful Valence campus.

E3 French Alps Program
April 30th-July 26th, 2019

This partnership with the University of Alberta combines academic coursework, a work placement or internship experience, and French language and culture.

3S-Biology and Biochemistry
June 3-July 11, 2019

This program, open to students from all around the world, offers modules in biology (immunology), biochemistry and french language and culture.

Integrating Clinical Knowledge in the Development of New Medical Devices
July 2-12, 2019
Combining technical knowledge, immersion in a hospital environment, and contact with professionals from industry, this innovative program provides the latest information on the life cycle of a medical device.

Improve your French
The CUEF de Grenoble, the UGA's center for French as a foreign language, offers a variety of programs at all levels throughout the calendar year.