Les étudiants réfugiés du DU Passerelle

Are you a refugee or an asylum seeker student? Find out more about the different facilities set up to facilitate your integration.


The International Students and Scholars Office - ISSO

The International Students and Scholars Office - ISSO set up a reception center for migrant students and researchers, dedicated to welcoming and helping them with their administrative procedures and educational choices.
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Learn French

You can benefit from free French lessons (subject to available places) at The University centre for french studies (CUEF).
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University degree “Solidarity gateway”

This intensive training in language, culture and university methodology is a gateway to French university and enables any student who has had to interrupt studies to gain the linguistic, cultural and methodological prerequisites to return to higher education studies in France.
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Choosing a course

The Université Grenoble Alpes offers a large range of courses, from Bachelor's degree to Doctoral degrees.
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Some of these courses are taught in English and can be adapted for refugee or asylum-seeking students.
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Feel free to visit our Careers and Employability Space to discuss about your study project and employment opportunities.
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Prepare your stay

Find practical information that will guide you throughout your stay at The Université Grenoble Alpes.
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