To support its strategic goals and key missions, the UGA participates in a wide variety of international partnerships with institutions of higher learning and research from all over the world.

Why International Partnerships?

International partnerships contribute to our key missions, helping us to better train students for global citizenship and the international marketplace, and putting our scientists and experts in contact with their peers from around the world. International partnerships also keep us abreast of best practices and methods in higher education, fostering a dialog with an international community of higher education.

We also believe that we bring something to our partners. The international students who study with us benefit from expertise in their discipline, affordable, high-quality training, and the opportunity to experience the best of French language, culture, and history. The international researchers who work with us benefit from Grenoble's commitment to scientific excellence, innovation, and service.

Currently, the UGA is focused on strategic relations: rather than establishing as many partnerhsips as possible, we aim to create deeper connections based on shared interests and goals, complementary strengths, and common values.