The UGA is proud to participate in Europe’s Erasmus+ program, and grateful for the program’s support of a wide variety of international activities.
Erasmus+ is Europe’s € 14.7 billion to support education, training, youth, and sports in Europe. At the UGA, the program supports student and staff mobility, as well as funding innovative projects to improve higher education and community engagement.

Student mobility: a pan-European guarantee of quality

The Erasmus+ program encourages student mobility by providing grants for internships, research, and linguistic training. In addition, the program facilitates exchange agreements with European partners; currently the UGA has Erasmus+ agreements with 450 higher education institutions, welcomes 550 incoming students and sends 650 students abroad each year as part of our Erasmus networks.

Erasmus also provides a standard for the quality of student mobility, offering a charter of rights and obligations.
Over the last 30 years, over 3 million European students have been able to do an international exchange or internship, thanks to the Erasmus program.

Staff mobility: an international community of best practices in higher education

Nearly 100 faculty and staff exchanges happen each year at the UGA.

These exchanges allow the UGA to deepen and strengthen current partnerships, to exchange best practices, and to identify common areas of expertise for possible research collaboration. In 2017, UGA staff members were able to hone their skills – acquiring professional and technical vocabulary in a second language that will facilitate future international exchanges and communications – and advance inter-institutional relations – extending agreements in a single discipline to other departments.

Project funding: new advances in teaching, learning, community engagement, and more

Erasmus+ also funds a variety of new initiatives in international cooperation. From international joint masters programs to capacity building to innovative teaching, E+ funding allows the UGA to work with a variety of international partners to improve the quality of higher education around the world.
Updated on June 20, 2019