The UGA's local and international partnerships allow us to create a wide variety of meaningful projects in research, teaching, and service. We are grateful to be able to benefit from such a rich array of expertise and commitment, as well as for the generous funding we receive to support some of our many international projects.

Research: a shared endeavor which transcends borders

The UGA is proud to participate in the global community of academic excellence as we strive towards scientific advancement.

Many of our large-scale projects would not be possible without the expertise of the global scientific community. Whether we are exploring the tiniest structures of matter or the vast reaches of space, a shared commitment to excellence transcends borders.

Leveraging global expertise to enhance student outcomes

At the UGA, we know that our students are not fully educated if they do not have the opportunity to learn about the world as a whole.

Pedagogical projects allow students to improve their foreign language levels, develop their leadership skills, and learn about the history and culture of the world around them. We also prepare our students for today's global marketplace by equipping them with the specialized knowledge that they need to become tomorrow's leaders.

Capacity building, best practices and service: international partnerships as a means for positive change

Our faculty, staff, and students use their expertise to effect positive change in the world.

Our teachers have developed projects to ensure that minority and impoverished communities have access to a better education. Our scientists are working with Africa's talented young people to ensure better infrastructures in francophone countries. And students from the other side of the world will become tomorrow's social entrepreneurs.