The Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) offers different types of program for international students. You can enroll in a short-term or degree program, a program taught in English or in French, work towards a UGA degree or a dual-degree with another institution. 

Depending on the program that interests you and your student status (individual degree-seeking student or student coming to Grenoble as part of an international partnership agreement), application and enrollment procedures may differ, as will your orientation. 

International Exchange Students

The UGA is fortunate to have exchange partners with instititutions from all over the world. This allows exchange students to spend a semester or a year at the UGA, tranfering academic credits to their home universities, where they will count towards a degree. Exchange students will earn a degree from their home university; no degree will be conferred by the UGA.

International Degree-Seeking Students

Each year the UGA welcomes nearly 6,000 students from all over the world in its undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and certificate programs. If you would like to join them as a degree-seeking student, please click the link below for detailed information about the steps to follow to apply and enroll at the university.

Specific Programs for International Students

The UGA has developed a number of masters degrees and individual courses taught in Engilsh. Many of these programs also allow students to earn a dual degree from the UGA and one of its partner institutions. In addition, the UGA offers specific programs taught in French. You can apply and enroll in these specific programs either as a regular degree-seeking student, or through your home university if you are enrolled at an institution with a UGA partnership.