As a French public university, the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) strives to embody the values of a French public higher education and research. On these pages, you will find a brief introduction to the values of French public higher education, as well as to the ways in which it organizes academics and research.


Chief among the values of France’s university system are equality, accessibility and excellence. The UGA also seeks to instill key values in its students, and to embody them in its research and community engagement. Students are encouraged to develop independence in their lives and their habits of thought, and researchers are free to pursue their interests in the spirit of scientific inquiry and open discussion.


Like other French universities, the UGA participates in larger European systems of degrees and course credits. On these pages, you will find basic information about French grades, transfer credit, transcripts and degrees, as well as links to the UGA’s numerous library and archival resources.


France dedicates enormous resources to research and researchers. Many scholars work in laboratoires which are housed by universities, but not all are university employees. Many doctoral students also receive advanced training in these same structures. These pages contain information about the French public research system and its funding.