Manager(s) : 

Director :

Jean-Yves Juban

Deputy directors :
Gildas Barbot
Christian Duccini

Head of administration :
Abdelmalek Mabed


The IUT Valence is a comprehensive skills centre which is well located in a small town, at the crossroads of major transport routes towards the south.

As a member of the IUT network, the IUT Valence offers DUT, vocational Bachelor's degrees and three-year Bachelor's degrees (L3) with a pool of over 60 lecturers and research professors and more than 250 teaching professionals.


The IUT Valence offers two- and three-year vocation-orientated higher education courses: 4 DUT in business and administration management and marketing techniques and in computing and networks & telecommunications.

2 L3 Bachelor's Degrees and 10 vocational Bachelor's degrees are also taught.
These diplomas are offered as initial training, work-linked training (professionalisation and apprenticeship contracts) or continuing education.


The 31 research professors (EC) cover several disciplines and laboratories, the two main ones being:

  • CERAG (Centre for Applied Research and Studies in Management)
  • LCIS (Laboratory for Systems Integration and Design)
Their research is published in recognised journals related to their specific disciplines and some of them supervise doctoral students. Their teaching links to their research which is of great benefit to the IUT students. They help to maintain close links between the IUT and its socio-economic environment through their applied research.


The IUT Valence offers degrees in collaboration with:

  • Graduate school of management, Grenoble IAE
  • The DSDA (Drôme-Ardèche Sciences Department)
  • Les Catalins de Montélimar College
  • Le Valentin de Bourg-les-Valence Agricultural College
  • The Université du Vin de Suze-la-Rousse