Saint-Martin-d'Hères / Valence


Manager(s) : 

Director :

Henri Benoit

Deputy directors :
Jean-Philippe Heuze
Philippe Sarrazin

Head of administration :
Nathalie Nerriere


As part of initial training or continuing education open to a European and international context, the UFRAPS educates its students each year in various fields related to education (careers in the leadership and teaching sectors), intervention (careers in the training and personal development sectors), customised sporting activities and health activities (careers in the social and medico-social sectors), tourism and recreational sports (careers in the creation, management and promotion of recreational sports sectors), ergonomics and/or sensorimotor disability (careers in the research and development sector) and research (careers in the higher education and research and development sectors).

Our teaching is multidisciplinary and is as much based on life sciences (for example physiology and neurosciences), humanities and social sciences (psychology and sociology for example) as on physical and sports activities (theory and practice).


Five Masters' courses allow 120 students to graduate each year with five years of higher education.

Four STAPS (Science & Technology of Sport and Exercise) Bachelor's degree specialisms and two vocational Bachelor's degrees round off our course catalogue.


The UFRAPS research professors conduct research on sport, physical activity and human movement studied from different scientific fields including physiology, neurosciences, biomechanics, psychology, sociology and history and from different perspectives such as performance and health for example. They are affiliated with different UGA laboratories and united by the SFR-SEM research institution:

  • SENS (Social Environment and Sport) EA3742 UGA
  • TIMC-IMAG (Imaging, Modelling and Cognition Techniques), UMR 5525 CNRS and UGA
  • HP2 (Hypoxia Physio Pathology) U1042 INSERM and UGA
  • LBFA (Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics) U1055 INSERM and UGA
  • GIN (Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences) U836 CEA – CHU – INSERM and UGA
  • GIPSA Lab (Grenoble Images Speech Signal and Control Laboratory) UMR 5216 CNRS, INP and UGA