Saint-Martin-d'Hères / Valence


Manager(s) : 

Director :

Françoise Leriche

Deputy director :
Roselyne Ringoot

Head of administration :
Emmanuelle Chanal


The UFR LLASIC contributes to research development through laboratory activities. It prepares students for examinations and competitions and plays a part in teacher training through teaching given to ÉSPÉ students.


Spread across two sites on the same campus, the UFR LLASIC handles Bachelor's and Master's courses in Literature and Linguistics. It also offers distance learning: French as a foreign language and performing arts courses.

The Echirolles site offers Master's degrees in Information and Communication Sciences, some of which, including "creative documentaries", are shared with the Ardèche site. This site also handles the Master's degree in Journalism: "Grenoble Journalism School" in agreement with the Grenoble IEP, the Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication and the vocational Bachelor's Webmaster editorial degree.


The UFR LLASIC is a literary department which combines traditional and new humanities subjects. It is attached to the UGA's ALLSHCS (Arts, Literature, Languages, Humanities and Cognitive and Social Sciences) centre.

The laboratories affiliated with it are:

  • LITT&ARTS (Arts & Practices of Text, the Image, the Screen and the Stage)
  • GIPSA (Grenoble Images Speech Signal and Control) laboratory
  • GRESEC (Research Group for Communication Issues)
  • LIG (Grenoble Informatics Laboratory)
  • LIDILEM (Laboratory of Linguistics and Didactics of Foreign and Native Languages)


The UFR has entered into partnership agreements with a number of organisations in order to ensure that all the different specialities can be taught. The main organisations include the CNED for distance learning, the Academy for teaching Performing Arts, Ardèche Images for the Master's degree in Creative Documentaries, the Grenoble IEP for the Master's degree in Journalism, the GEM for a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Mediat for a Literature course.