Manager(s) : 

Director :

Kevin Sutton

Deputy director :
Amélie Nuq

Head of administration :
Fabrice Blanc


Between passing on heritage and openness to the modern world, the UFR SH encourages interdisciplinarity and is at the crossroads of a number of different complementary specialisms: history, archaeology, history of art, philosophy, music and social geography.

The UFR SH is part of the Université Grenoble Alpes and offers a wide range of courses: five general Bachelor's degrees, three Master's degrees, three Doctoral degrees and preparation for competitive education examinations.

Around 62 research professors, mainly affiliated with one of the UFR's three research centres, bring their modules to life through their commitment to recognised intellectual and scientific production.


Five Bachelor's degrees (History, History of Art and Archaeology, Musicology, Philosophy and Applied Humanities – a multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree which is unique in France), three Master's degrees (History, History of Art and Philosophy) with around ten specialisation routes, three Doctoral degrees, the possibility of a joint degree (in History of Art and Archaeology/Literature, and Philosophy/Literature) and also two routes with the Grenoble School of Management (GEM), in History and in Philosophy.

The UFR SH also offers two university diplomas at Master's level, in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science) and in History of Art (guide-lecturer), as well as preparation for competitive examinations for teaching at secondary and higher-education level, in History-Geography, in Musical Education and Choral Singing and in Philosophy. It prepares students for careers in libraries as part of the Master's degree in Careers related to Books and Publishing.

Students are supported in broadening their knowledge and methods, in particular documentary, and in furthering their learning of foreign languages and new technologies. They are able to shape their personal learning pathway and career plan in a medium sized facility.


Affiliated laboratories:
  • LUHCIE (created from the merger of the CRHIPA and the GERCI): University Laboratory of History, Cultures, Italy and Europe
  • LARHRA: Rhône-Alps Laboratory for Historic Research
  • PPL: Philosophy, Practices and Languages


  • ESC (Grenoble School of Business) – GEM
  • Lycée Champollion (welcoming students for preparatory classes)
  • Regional cultural institutions and those in Grenoble: MC2, l'Hexagone and Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Grenoble (Grenoble regional-level Academy), amongst others.