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Director :

Michel Dietrich
+33 (0)4 76 51 42 00

Head of administration : 
Leslie Hollett
+33 (0)4 76 51 49 81


The OSUG carries out the four fundamental tasks of Observatories of Sciences of the Universe (OSU): research, observation, education and dissemination of knowledge. Its field of expertise spreads from Planet Earth (all of its spheres) all the way to the furthest stars.


The OSUG provides initial and continuing education in Earth Sciences, sciences of the Universe and environmental sciences within the UGA.

Initial training

The range of initial training in Earth sciences, sciences of the Universe and environmental sciences is integrated into the UGA's modules by relying on the expertise of the OSUG's research laboratories. For administration purposes, these courses are attached to the UFR PhITEM (Physics, Engineering, Earth, Environment and Mechanical Engineering Teaching and Research Department).

Training through research

Training through research is carried out within the Earth-Universe-Environment Doctoral School (TUE).

The university for everyone

The OSUG actively contributes to knowledge dissemination in these areas, offering courses which respond to the demand for a "life-long scientific culture": the "knowledge dissemination" branch, through night classes and distance learning.


Research carried out at the OSUG contributes to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of natural systems, to reconstructing their origins and their evolution and to studying interactions between these natural systems and human activities.

The anticipation of future changes represents crucial challenges for society in terms of the environment, climate change, use of resources and risk management for sustainable development.

More generally, these studies contribute to discussions about humans' place and future on Earth and in the Universe.

Since January 2011, the OSUG has grouped together six laboratories and five research teams in Earth sciences, sciences of the Universe and environmental sciences, as associate or affiliated members.