Manager(s) : 

Director :
Christian Defélix

Head of administration :
Anne Brouzet


The Université Grenoble Alpes graduate school of management, Grenoble IAE, is a member of the IAE university schools of management network and teaches "dual competence" and specialised managers from the third year of a bachelor's degree (L3) to the second year of a master's degree (M2), with a faculty of 80 lecturers and support from over 300 corporate practitioners.


12 Masters specialisms and 24 "occupational" courses ensuring over 800 students and professionals graduate each year with a Master's degree or equivalent. Three vocational Bachelor's degrees round off the courses we offer.

The combination of outstanding research, strong international cooperation (with Asia, Latin America, the US and Europe) and a focus on professionalisation ensures our students are able to integrate into the world of work, through initial training or continuing education.

Grenoble IAE also handles the DDE (student-entrepreneur diploma), alongside Pépite Ozer.


Grenoble IAE provides two thirds of the staff for the Centre for Study and Applied Research in Management (CERAG), which brings together researchers in Management Sciences on the campus and covers all disciplines of management: finance and accounting, information systems and flow, marketing, management entrepreneurship innovation and human resource management.