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Lionel Filippi


The Grenoble academic institute of technology 2 (IUT2) has a strong identity linked to its own culture and the strong sense of belonging felt by students, lecturers and management staff. Its clubs and societies are well developed, in particular in cultural and sports-related fields. Research professors, lecturers and industry professionals work together to give students an education which incorporates the latest technological innovations and diverse personalised training rooted in the reality of the workplace.


A broad and diverse range of courses

Within the new European LMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) system, the IUT2 has successfully diversified its range of Bachelor's courses and currently offers 14 vocational Bachelor's degrees. This diploma, with the goal of workplace integration, gives students the opportunity to rapidly gain a qualification which responds to clearly identified careers and needs in collaboration with professional sectors.

The IUT2's range of courses is organised to allow students to personalise their syllabus and to make constructing their career plan easier: initial or normal cycle with 30 hours per week and a mandatory internship in the chosen professional sector; continuing education, for those who would like to resume their studies after potential validation of their skills; work-linked training where the student spends alternate days in a company and in classes at the IUT; distance learning alongside another activity or a special year which allows students to gain a DUT in one year.

  • 7 DUT specialisms
  • 14 vocational Bachelor's degrees
  • 2 general Bachelor's degrees
  • 1 one-year Masters degree equivalent (i.e. four years of university education)
  • 1 two-year Masters degree equivalent (i.e. five years of university education)

8 training departments

  • Legal professions
  • Social professions
  • Grenoble Administration and Corporate Management
  • Vienne Administration and Corporate Management
  • Information & Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics and Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Techniques

Other training centres

  • Preparation Centre for Accounting Expertise (CPEC)
  • Centre for Management Bachelor's Degree


The research activities are carried out thanks to two laboratories accommodated at the IUT2, GREG (Management Studies and Research Group) and RI3 (Intelligent Interactive Research on Information), and by the research activity of research professors who make up the education teams.