Saint-Martin-d'Hères / Valence


Manager(s) : 

Director :

Véronique Jude

Deputy director :
Laure Thibonnier

Head of administration :
Adeline Leroux


The UFR LE mainly aims to teach and carry out research in Regional and Foreign Civilisations, Literatures and Languages (LLCER) and Applied Foreign Languages (LEA).


The UFR receives around 2,500 students each year for its courses in LEA and LLCER, its vocational Bachelor's degree in International Trade Professions and to prepare for the agrégation (certificate of aptitude) competitive examinations.

The breadth and variety of the courses, taught in eight languages (German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Russian) allow students to start and/or continue studying one or several of these languages whilst developing methodological skills and inter-cultural and cultural knowledge.


ILCEA4 (Institute of European, American, African, Asian and Australian Languages and Cultures) is an umbrella group of six internal teams:

  • CEMRA (Anglophone studies)
  • CERAAC (Germanic studies)
  • CERHIUS (Hispanic studies)
  • CESC (Slavic studies)
  • CREO (Oriental studies)
  • GREMUTS (Specialised Translation; Specialist Cultures and Languages)
The Institute brings together specialists' research in the following fields of study: Anglophone, Germanic, Hispanic, Slavic and Oriental as well as Specialised Translation and Specialist Languages.