Grenoble’s University Hospital among the first in the world to use an innovative new cardiac monitor
The cardiac unit at Grenoble’s University Hospital (CHU) has begun using an innovative new cardiac monitor.
The device is implanted under the patient’s skin, where it transmits important information about heart rhythms to a networked device such as a smartphone. The monitor provides effective surveillance while still allowing the patient a flexible, normal lifestyle.

The cardiac monitor is the thinnest currently available – 49 mm long, 9.4 mm wide, and 3.1 mm thick. The implantation process is minimally invasive, using a local anesthetic. Data are transmitted using a secure connection that preserves patient privacy while allowing for the highest standard of care.

Patients can also monitor their own cardiac health using a simple wireless Bluetooth connection.

The CHU is one of the first hospitals in the world to use the innovative new technology, using to treat about 20 patients since last May.

Published on November 10, 2017
Updated on November 10, 2017