The UGA is open to a wide variety of international collaborations in research, academics, and leadership.

We aim to establish lasting connections with institutional partners who bring experience and expertise in key activities. This focus on quality allows the UGA to dedicate time and resources to our collaborative endeavors, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

A diverse array of international activities

The UGA has a long history of partnerships with a wide variety of institutions. We have partners on six continents, with public and private universities, schools, colleges, and research organizations. We also offer a range of types of partnership – flexible structures to meet the needs of different partners and projects. We maintain collaborations supporting all of our key activities: research, academics, service and community engagement, capacity building, and leadership.

Local and international partnerships

While the UGA is engaged internationally, we are also strongly anchored in our local communities. Partnerships with local and regional organizations, the city of Grenoble, and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region enrich and inform our activities and our communities. Public-private sector partnerships put university researchers in contact with innovative local business, industry, and R&D, making Grenoble a technological hub of extraordinary vitality. Partnerships with national and international research organizations inform and enhance both pure and applied research in all disciplines.