The President's office of the university is made up of the President, who heads up the institution and is elected for four years by the members of the Management Board, alongside the Vice-Chairs and Special Advisers who help the President.


Lise Dumasy

President of Université Grenoble Alpes

Academic Council

Francis Goyet

Vice-Chair of the Select Academic Council

Patrick Lévy
Chair of the Academic Council


Christophe Ribuot

Vice-Chair of Human Resources

Daniel Lançon
Vice-Chair of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Eric Saint-Aman
Vice-Chair of Research

Grégoire Feyt
Vice-Chair of Territorial Relations

Jérôme Gensel
Vice-Chair of Territorial and International Relations

Joëlle Aubert
Vice-Chair of Guidance and Graduate Employment

Jonas Costagliola
Student Vice-Chair

Konstantin Protassov
Vice-Chair of the Institution's Development and Resources

Marc Oddon
Vice-Chair of Continuing Education

Marie-Christine Bordeaux
Vice-Chair of Culture and Scientific Culture

Nicolas Lesca
Vice-Chair of Education

Pascal Louvet
Vice-Chair of the Management Board

Pierrick Bedouch
Vice-Chair of the Information System

Roland Pelurson
Vice-Chair of the Valence campus

Stéphanie Ruphy
Vice-Chair of Interdisciplinarity

Special Advisers

  • Mireille Baurens: gender equality.
  • Ridha Boulaabi: Francophone countries.
  • Valérie Chanal: educational innovation and digital education.
  • Marc Gandit: link with companies and sectors.
  • Laurence Garino-Abel: lycée (college)-university exchanges.
  • Christian Graff: sustainable development.
  • José Labarrère: health education.
  • Yassine Lakhnech: utilisation and transfer of sciences and technologies.
  • Claire Maniez: careers in education.
  • Yves Markowicz: first cycles and interdisciplinarity
  • Fabienne Martin-Juchat: utilisation of humanities and social sciences.
  • Mohammed Mhamdi-Alaoui: university life.
  • Hervé Pelloux: health research.
  • Claude Ponton: audiovisual.
  • Caroline Skudder: student mobility.
  • Anne Socquet : sciences and technologies research support.