Mountains in a changing world

Experts from a wide range of disciplines will offer a rich, interdisciplinary view of Alpine history, culture, people and environment, in this short program taught in the heart of the Alps.
COVID-19 pandemic update: Due to the late starting date of our summer course we are hoping that we can maintain it. The application deadline is therefore extended to April 15th without requiring a deposit before then. At that time, we will inform all applicants on whether it will take place or not.

Presentation - Mountains in a changing world

The program covers topics as diverse as architecture, tourism, climate change, earth sciences, and history. The course also takes you beyond the classroom and into the mountains in a series of field trips and case studies tied to the latest in current research.

Practical information - Mountains in a changing worldPractical information: eligibility, deadlines, costs

The program is open to both professionals and students at all levels, but you must be 18 years or older. Some hiking is involved - pack appropriate gear!

Speakers - Mountains in a changing world
Speakers and coordinators

Four scientific coordinators supervise the program's contents from the points of view of natural sciences and humanities.

Edition 2019 Mountains on the move
The 2019 Edition: "Mountains on the move"

Discover the 2019 pictures and program details.
Updated onMarch 23, 2020