3S - Science summer school

This program offered in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is open to students from the Université Grenoble Alpes and from all around the world. It offers modules in immunology and organic chemistry as well as a tailored French language and culture course.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill students travel to Grenoble with a UNC faculty member, earning credit toward their major and learning French as a foreign language. UGA students are able to take advantage of a high-quality science course taught in English in an international classroom, improving their language skills and meeting students from around the world.


Specially-adapted French courses

The UGA’s world-renowned center for the teaching of French as a foreign language, the CUEF de Grenoble, has designed specific courses for participants from the American university. Designed to provide students with basic skills to manage real-world situations, the course helps students navigate tasks like asking for directions, shopping at the local outdoor market, or ordering in a café. The program takes the students out into Grenoble, allowing them to experience our beautiful city, and learn French in a fun, playful manner.

Internationalization at Home

Each year, the Summer School also accepts a number of UGA students. These students are able to hone their English language skills by interacting with native speakers, and to meet students from other parts of the world with similar interests and goals. These students have access to an international educational experience without needing the time or the resources to travel abroad.

New opportunities in research

Students are not the only ones who benefit from creating international ties in their academic discipline. Welcoming a visiting professor from our partner institution allows the UGA to build and reinforce its research ties with its distinguished partners around the world.
3S - Science summer school
3S - Science summer school
Published on  March 5, 2020
Updated onMarch 11, 2020