Law, Economics, Political Science, Finance and Management

Undergraduate degrees

Diploma Speciality Location

Bachelor Economics and management

Managerial economics for international markets Grenoble
Bachelor International business and management Grenoble
Bachelor Management


International tourism management French art de vivre in the Rhône Valley Grenoble


Diploma in legal studies Grenoble

Undergraduate program at Sciences Po Grenoble

Politics and international studies Grenoble

Graduate degrees

Diploma Speciality Location

Master in European Governance

European Union studies Grenoble

Master in Finance

Advances in finance and accounting - 2nd year Grenoble

Master in Marketing and Sales

Advanced research in marketing - 2nd year

European master in Customer relationship marketing

"Le Quanti" : Research and data intelligence in Marketing - 2nd year

Master in Corporate Management and Administration

Applied corporate management - 2nd year Grenoble
Master in Information Systems Advanced Research in Management of Information Systems - 2nd year Grenoble

Other international programs

Diploma Speciality Location


Master in Business Administration Shanghai


Doctorate in Business Administration Shanghai and Lausanne
Published on  February 10, 2020
Updated on October 19, 2022