Le MOOC "Vivre en France - Cours de français"

The aim of these courses is to not only teach French, but also to introduce French culture to newly arrived students.

"Français premiers pas"

This App is designed for complete beginners to learn French using images and sounds in a playful way.

"Le point du FLE"

Le Point du FLE offers more than 7000 links to courses and free exercices to learn French online. Several options are possible to access the exercices and activities, according to your interests and needs: culture and civilization, grammar, vocabulary…

TV5 Monde

Beginners to advanced. This website offers:
  • Free interactive and auto-correcting exercices,
  • Hundreds of videos on various subjects,
  • Original and lively resources to improve your comprehension and get a better grasp of the Francophone cultures.

Radio France Internationale

Find every week new sound resources along with teaching tools and comprehension aids. These include quizzes and comprehension exercises to improve listening and make it easier to understand the news.
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Published on  January 19, 2021
Updated onMarch 19, 2021