In Grenoble

University Centre for French Studies

Open to all.
The University Centre for French Studies (CUEF) delivers courses and training sessions in French throughout the year. The main objective is to develop both oral and written skills in French, as well as getting a good knowledge of French culture. At the CUEF, you won't just learn French during classes, you'll live it as well at the heart of the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), in the university grounds and in the surrounding area of Grenoble. Our range of courses focuses on two main aspects:
  • French language and culture classes
  • Trainings for French as a Foreign Language teachers
  • Courses to prepare for internationally recognised French as a Foreign Language certifications, such as the DELF and the DALF, and for qualifications such as the University Diploma in French Studies (DUEF).

Alliance Française

The Alliance Française in Grenoble offers courses of all levels, for groups or individual tuitions:
  • General French,
  • French for specific, professional and scientific purposes.
  • Preparation courses for TCF (French Language Test) and DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies), DALF (Diploma in Advanced French)

Tandem program

For Students and PhD students
The international students association IntEGre organizes the program. The aim is to find a language exchange partner to alternatively speak either one or the other’s language.


Some associations offer French course, they can also be a very good way to discover French culture through their activities.

Maison de l’International

The organization lists associations offering language exchanges and international associations.
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Published on  January 19, 2021
Updated onApril 8, 2021