The 2019 edition

The 2019 edition last two weeks and counted participants from: India, Spain, China, USA, Denmark, Angola.
You will find the details (planning, speakers' list, sites and structures visited...) of the 2019 program below.
Download the 2019 program booklet

Veronika's feedback

"I am a geography+french student from Denmark. I took the programme because I wanted some exchange experience, practice my french and learn about climate change in the mountain environment (which we do not have in Denmark). What I learned was new problems I hadn’t considered needed solving. The programme has opened my mind as to what fields you can work in and how many possibilites there are. The programme has widened my view on the relationships between physical/meteorological environmental change and how it affects the people who live there. I didn’t have any expectations as such, other that I hoped I would learn a lot, which I did. The programme surprised me in its diversity. Not every course was relevant for my studies and my field of work, but it certainly gave me some insights on what other professionals are occupied with, which I have no doubt help me in my future work. I don’t exactly know how to use what I have learned in my future career, but I know it has widened my perspective and it already has been and will continue to be very useful in my work."

A few 2019 pictures

Edition 2019 Mountains on the move At the top of the Ophiolites.
Edition 2019 Mountains on the move
Pradeep and Veronika on the geological transect.
Edition 2019 Mountains on the move
At the Lautaret alpine botanical garden.
Edition 2019 Mountains on the move
Observing changing cultural practices in Vercors.
Edition 2019 Mountains on the move
Economic diversification in Vercors.
Edition 2019 Mountains on the move
On a hiking trail on the plateau du Vercors.
Published on  February 26, 2020
Updated onMarch 13, 2020